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Motorcycle Adventure – Ep. 7 – South to Seattle

Deadhorse, Alaska to Seattle, Washington As is my M.O, here’s a video of the whole post. As I mentioned in the last episode, nearly the entire trip north on the Dalton to Deadhorse was, well… easy.  The weather had been perfect, hot even, and the roads were dry and hard. It was an entirely different and a very miserable story heading south, though.  It was bad.  So bad, it made the trip south suck.  The roads were complete shit.  I may have even cried in my helmet once or twice it was so bad (no, not really, but it would…

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Motorcycle Adventure – Ep. 6 – North to Alaska Part 2

Dawson Creek, British Columbia to Deadhorse, Alaska And here again… the video first, or last, or whatever you like.  Then again, this is a bit of a long one. I covered a few miles here and experienced a lot of things. I left Dawson Creek early in the morning and I find that when I do that, leave early, I often have the roads all to myself for miles and miles.  It’s sometimes scary considering the remoteness, it’s also sometimes quite lonely, but more often than not, I relish the solace.  This day was like the latter.  I started enjoying…

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Motorcycle Adventure – Ep. 5 – North to Alaska Part 1

Seattle, Washington to Dawson Creek, British Columbia You know the drill. Here’s the video if you please, otherwise, or also, read along. The few days I spent in Seattle with Tracy I think I was the most relaxed in my entire life.  Not worried about the bike or miles, and not having to think about work in any way made the stop like a vacation.  But, even better than that, I got to hang with Tracy and her daughter Jackie!  I got to see the place Tracy is staying while I am on my adventure, too.  It’s a nice apartment with…

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Motorcycle Adventure – Ep. 4 – Crossing a Continent

Nova Scotia to Seattle As I have been apt to do, here I offer a “Cliff Notes” video for those pinched for time. After riding 12 days with my new friend from Germany, Stefan, we eventually had to part ways owing to different plans (for the time being…).  We left Port aux Basques and arrived in the rain in North Sydney.  The plan was to ride the Cabot Trail the following day, so we holed up in Ingonish on the east side of Cape Breton National Park for the night.  My ride the following day on the Cabot Trail was…

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Motorcycle Adventure – Ep. 3 – Push to Newfoundland

Selbyville, Delaware to Newfoundland, Canada Heading north now and the great adventure truly begins! As per the usual, you can choose between reading or watching, or both. After visiting family and friends for three weeks, I found myself thinking I’d need to rush to get from Delaware to Sydney, Nova Scotia in time to catch the ferry to Newfoundland that I had booked several weeks before.  And after studying the map and distances, it turned out I was right.  I’d need a string of 350 mile-days to do it.  This sprinting part is somewhat boring, so I’ll skip the minor…

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