Social Media Plan

So I have come to learn, a lot of work goes into a successful social media campaign.  As I noted on my About page, I plan to maximize to the greatest extent possible sharing my 18-month, around the world motorcycle trip online.  The breadth of chores of social media-ing got to be so large in fact that I had to create a mind map to cover it all just to keep it straight in my head.  The first mind map does not necessarily speak to work flows, although it does provide a general idea of all the things I have to think about on a daily basis.  Pictures are good, right!  Below the first map is my blogging work flow

Let me know if you have ways to improve these – anything will help!

Click on image to enlarge.

And here’s my blogging workflow.  Basically, I am trying to minimize the number of posting tasks, but at the same time optimize exposure.




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