Adventure is not outside man; it is within. ~George Eliot

Rather than breaking up all the planning and preparation, I decided to put it all on one page, with links herein to more detailed pages.  These pages are constantly being updated, so if you see it’s not complete that means I have not gotten to a section yet!

Below you will find my thoughts on everything from getting my bike ready for an extended journey, to health and fitness, to safety (and a lot of stuff inbetween).  I started this page at about the 1-year-out-from my intended launch date in May 2016, but the information I have below includes preparations I made even before that point.  I will update the page as I go along, even after my journey starts to clarify or add to the information here.

Before I go any further, if you are considering making a journey like mine, please ensure you bookmark the Horizons Unlimited website.  It is so full of rich information you could spend weeks there learning from others that have gone before you (or me).  And the forums on the HUBB provide quick answers to your travel questions, especially when you are on the road.  There is only one other worthy mention here, ADVRider.  There you will find forums on any topic you can think of and the ride reports also are a rich and valuable (and entertaining as heck) resource.

So, on we go.  While the page is dedicated to my all my preparations and thought processes surrounding my preparation, there are separate sections of the website for gear and places and experiences and such.


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