Health, Shots, and so on

I actually spent a lot of timing studying this problem.  First, I’ll talk about health.  I really wanted to get into shape for this trip so that I could bear the long days and the stresses yet also be alert so that I could take in as much as I could.  About a year out, I started a regimen of working out three times a week and making solid attempts at eating better.  I ended up losing about 25 pounds (or ~ 15%) and feel great now!  My stamina is higher, I handle stress more evenly, and I sleep better.  I also managed to come off some long term medications I was taking for mild hypertension and lipidemia (high cholesterol).

I spent 20 years in the Navy, who kept a close eye on my immunizations, everything from Typhoid to Anthrax.  But after retiring 9 years ago, I had not kept up.  Here, I went to the CDC website and looked up each country I planned to visit and their recommendations for vaccinations.  Turns out I was due again for several I had had in the past, plus some others that I had not had.  These included rabies (lots of stray dogs in CA), malaria (which is a pill taken daily), typhoid, tetanus, diphtheria,  a hepatitis B booster, and yellow fever.  Luckily, my insurance covered everything except the rabies, which (I hope you’re sitting down), was $900.  I had my yellow international shot record from the Navy that I just updated with all of these new shots.


The most important thing I did here (I think) was to develop a process of scanning and saving to DropBox all of my documentation.  This way, if I ever lost everything, I could reproduce copies of what I needed.  This included the title for the motorcycle, a three-year registration, my driver’s license, my shot record, my birth certificate, and my insurance card.  As well, as I travel through each country, I plan to take a picture of each border document and upload there as well.


As a Navy retiree, I have health insurance but have no idea how that works in each country.  I also know that motorcycle insurance has to be purchased in each country, although there are some groups of countries where I can get one policy to cover them all.  With my Delorme contract, I also have Global Rescue so can contact assistance anywhere.