First, take notes as you go!  If you have to catch a blog up after weeks on the road, you will surely forget something if you do not write it down.  Next, take lot’s of pictures and videos.  You’ll probably take more pictures and videos than will end up with in your posts, but at least you’ll have some set of pictures to sift through and choose the best ones.  For getting pictures and videos onto the interwebs, I chose SmugMug and YouTube.

Now, for me, I plan to maximize my “social exposure,” using every available means I can – a personal blog (the one you are reading), YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and two forums related to ADVing, Horizons Unlimited HUBB and ADVRider.  On Facebook, I made a point of subscribing to several groups that are of interest to me and share lots of information about ADVing – GSGiants, International Brotherhood of Adventure Riders, R1200GS Adventure Riders, and the BMW MOA.  I want to not only share my travels with others, but also develop a strong network of folks who I might be able to lean on when I need help.

Here’s the way I approach this.

1) After collecting up enough notes about an interesting part of my journey, I break out my text editor and start typing.  I find pictures (of the “good ones I chose to upload to SmugMug) to insert the links for into the post along the way.

2) Once I am happy about my “post,” I upload it to my blog (this one, again) and double check all the formatting and spelling and such.  I also post the same entry to ADVRider and on the HUBB in their ride reports sections.

3) Next, I put a link to my blog post on my “trip” page on Facebook (Loving Living Adventuring) and then share that to my “personal” page on Facebook.  Once on my “personal” page, I will share that link to the Facebook groups for which I belong, which points back to my “trip” page on Facebook.  See how I did that?  Might seem confusing, but it’s the best way to share information I have found (and been told to me personally by Alex Chacon, the Internet famous 360 degree-selfie guy).

4) Next, I will post a note on Twitter with a link to my blog post.

5) Then, over the next several days, I will read the feedback and comments I am getting and respond accordingly (and as time and wi-fi permit).

For videos, I simply upload those to YouTube and share links to FB or Twitter.  I also embed those into my blog posts sometimes.

Alex Chacon remarked at HU Virginia 2015 that he was not different from everyone else in the room who had travelled the world and took videos.  He simply took the time to come home, sort through it all, and put together a cool video.  So, take the time to document and share what you are doing – Future You will thank you.