Daytona Road Star GTX Riding Boots (Updated at 18K miles)

Daytonas01Original post follows, but I wanted to give an 18K mile update.  These boots are holding up as if they were new.  Every few weeks, I’ll rub on some black shoe polish to clean them, but that’s about it.  One thing worth mentioning is the temperature.  I’ve met some folks with these boots who say they are warm in the heat of summer.  That has not been my experience.  I do not wear thick socks under them, maybe that’s it.  Or maybe my feet just don’t sweat as much as others.  Or, perhaps because my feet are not hidden behind some large fairing, they get more airflow, I don’t know.  For me, these boots have kept my feet warm in the winter and are also fine in the summer.

These will probably be my boots for life.  These are great riding boots, but also the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.

Original post:  Like most of the gear I use, I can’t say enough about these boots.  They are as comfortable as any pair of shoes I have ever owned, meaning I can wear them when off the bike meandering around, but they also provide a sense of strength and security when riding.  When I saw that BMW Motorrad recommended these boots, I gave them a look.  First, they are handmade in Germany and you can tell that immediately from the construction.  They also come in several different widths, so finding the right fit for your feet is nearly certain.  The boots are also infinitely adjustable with the entire back part of the boot supported by boot length Velcro tabs.  This makes fitting the boot over different sized socks super easy and gives the ability to dial in your perfect fit sweet spot.

From their website, Daytona claims these are their best sellers (they make several different styles):
perfect fit, available for narrow and wide feet
hydrophobic special full cowhide
watertight and breathable with GORE-TEX(r) climatic membrane
Velcro fastener for different calf sizes
two zip fasteners to get in quick and easily
reinforced gear change cushion from abrasion resistant PU foam
PU foam sole
anatomically formed climatic insole
plastic ankle protection, both sides, padded inside with open-cell special foam
wide shinbone protection, padded with latex foam inside
plastic reinforced inner sole with a hot-dip galvanized steel inlay, that allows you to gently roll your feet
3M-Scotchlite heel reflectors
non-slip rubber sport sole
The leather is the high-end stuff and with the Gortex, they are waterproof.  I have been in the rain and puddles with no problems whatsoever.

Now, these are touted as “touring boots,” so they lack the rigidity and bomb-proof protection you would need for hard-core off-roading, but I think they do quite well for light- to medium-intensity jaunts off road.

In fact, I wore these boots during the BMW off road course and felt I had all the support and protection I needed.

I paid $449 for these at Revzilla.


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    1. So, yes, they are very comfortable, but, no I wouldn’t recommend them for hiking – they don’t have that sort of grip. I really could walk around town in them, though. ~brent

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