2014 BMW R1200GS

Wow, where to start.  This is an amazing piece of machinery.  I jokingly will claim that this motorcycle would both take me 1000 miles on asphalt without complaint and climb a tree if the bark would hold.  If you’re into adventuring, this bike definitely is one to consider, the BMW R1200GS.  On the paved roads, or not, you can go and see many places riding this beast.


First off, it is like a mule.  The total allowed curb weight is nearly 1000 lbs.  With the bike coming in at around 600 lbs, and with passenger (me) at 165 lbs, I can comfortably carry another 230+ pounds of gear on this thing.  However, to load it up so makes the bike extremely hard to maneuver at low speed, especially considering my short 29″ inseam.  This picture was from one of my “heavier” expeditions and I think I was carrying ~150 lbs.


This bike has quite a history, too.  It’s been around for several decades, evolving with each iteration and can be seen being used by Ewan McGregor and Charlie Ewen in their Long Way Around (2004) and Long Way Down (2007) television series.  I am hooked by their adventures and watch the shows repeatedly.  I love taking this bike out camping and really using it…



When I first brought the bike home in October, 2014, the weather was still quite nice in southeastern Virginia and I started to rack up miles just riding and going off on one- and two-day camping adventures.



Unfortunately, there is a potential downside.  Unless you are an uber-mechanic and can do all the maintenance yourself, owning a BMW is not cheap.  The service so far has been quite expensive.  I rationalize the expense because I know I am on one of the most dependable motorcycles ever built.


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