Gear I use and love

Over time, I have come across some gear that just makes it all work, from my motorcycle to the gear I wear, use, and depend. Here, I’ll provide my opinion on what I like, and do not like so much.  In addition, over time gear wears, so I’ll share with you what worked well over time and what didn’t.

But first, I am getting one of these…


2014 BMW R 1200 GS – In my opinion, and apparently many others’ as well, this BMW is the ultimate “riding” machine.

Camping Gear

Helinox Chair One Camp Chair – Amazing how comfortable and rugged this chair is for such a small, packed form.

Helinox Camp Table – Compliments the Helinox Chair and is of the same high quality.

Nemo Nocturne Sleeping Bag – Uber-high end sleeping bag, but super comfortable, warm, and it packs light, too.

Patagonia Down Sweater – Thin, lightweight, but oh so warm and comfy.

Therm-a-Rest Neo-Air Xtherm Sleeping Pad – Super light weight mattress that appears to have been made by NASA.

Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite Cot – Another from Thermarest, it’s super light, super strong, and very comfortable.

RedVerz Expedition Tent – Wow.  Heavy, but roomy as hell.  And you can park your bike inside or get a respite from the weather.

Riding Gear

Rev’It Poseiden GTX Riding Gear – Bomb proof.  Comfortable.  Stylish.  Good for 20-100 degrees F.

Daytona Road Star GTX Riding Boots – Excellent touring boots.  At the time of the review I had 6K miles on them.

Sena SMH10 – Bluethooth helmet communications.  Phone, intercom, music, and linked to the Beemer, too.


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